Monday, February 18, 2013

2nd post of the day!

enjoy it, there may not be another for a few days!!!!

i was going to write about these things in my earlier post today, but i guess i was so excited about the bookshelf that i forgot to include them!! i'm exhausted & have to go to work tomorrow but it's too early to go to bed, & too late to start anything new, so i guess i'll write blog posts!!!

do you like the big gash i got on my hand today? it actually looks worse in person!!! i didn't get it from using any power tools....i got it from playing frisbee with the dog! he "reached" with his paw for the frisbee but got my hand instead. it's really hard to take a picture of your right hand with your left hand when the button on the camera is on the right hand side!!!!

i guess i'm going to have to get a real dog house because rain comes in the crate & he keeps taking the "roof" off! in this picture it's raining & he's just standing there!

later when it rained real hard, he had the sense to lay under the picnic table!!

it's been awhile since i posted about a proverbs31woman devotional. there have been a lot that have been relevant, but this one today hit the nail on the head. dead center! last night after i got in bed i was praying & telling God that i felt so far away from Him. i even said, "God, i KNOW i'm yours, but ARE YOU THERE? i feel so alone. i feel like you're no where near me. i feel like you're not hearing my prayers." i immediately realized that HE is. He reminded me that He's answered a lot of prayers, very recent prayers. like when there was no money for gas or food, & i prayed that somehow he'd provide just enough, He provided ABUNDANTLY. He reminded me that He is there for me. always. even when i don't feel it. and then this morning He gave me this devotional as another reminder. go here to see the devotional.

i've been thinking of a special pallet project. it's been in my mind for a long time. it has a lot to do with what God & i were talking about last night. i'll post it as soon as it's finished!

enjoy your week &


Pony and Petey said...

I was so excited to get the paper but I have to tell you that I'm WAAAAAAAAAAAY more excited to have the idea books you made!!!

I think you know by now just how much I LOVE your beautiful handiwork...God gifted you with the ability and He gifted me with getting to know you and see your handiwork. And now I OWN books by YOU...not just a card here and there...big books!!!

I was showing them to Lauren today and I almost got giddy with happiness at having them. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

dorothy erdely said...

don't get too excited!!! i didn't make all those cards - i found them on the internet!!!!!! i just made the books!!!!!!!

did you see the "God's love is enough" sign i made? i just posted it, so probably not. i am so blessed that God has given me such talent!! He gets all the glory!!!!!