Saturday, March 26, 2011

the bluebonnets are gorgeous in my backyard!!!

wish i was well enough to enjoy them.

i've been on the blood pressure medicine for a week & have taken the full round of antibiotic. (oh - the meds were only $5 each!!! praise the Lord!!!) i had the bloodwork done on tuesday. i'm still exhausted & have no energy. i worked til i was just too worn out to do anything more - which was til about 1:30 or 2 everyday - & then came home & slept.

i'm going to call the dr. 1st thing monday morning because i have some other symptoms that i want to talk to him about. please pray it's not what i'm thinking it is. ....and before you get any wild ideas - i am NOT pregnant!!!!!

for my stamping girls - i am so sorry that we had to cancel stamp camp this month. thanks for understanding.

have a blessed day!

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