Sunday, April 10, 2011

update on where i've been for the past couple weeks......

well, after being sick for a month, the dr. finally found out what was wrong with me. it wasn't mono as some of you suspected!!!!!!!!!!! my body shut down & my pancreas stopped making insulin = i have type 2 diabetes!! i even spent a week in the hospital - came home last monday evening. i have to give myself an insulin shot every morning, test my blood several times a day & count/measure all my food. please continue to pray that the levels will soon be where they need to be & i'll have the energy to do things again. got the blood pressure down though - on meds for that too.

i won't be able to do stamp camp this month - sorry. i'll let you know about may later on...

y'all be blessed!

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl,
I have been missing you so much! I even started going to Sunday bible school because of your invitation and I love it!! I am trying to learn the verses from James 1. Please tell me if I can do anything for you. I did not want to write to you because I heard that you did not want us to post anything on Facebook because of your daughter.
I am glad that I can send you a message now.
Please keep in touch.
Love u and praying for u.
Betty Maynard.