Wednesday, March 9, 2011

i've had the flu since sunday

i started getting a back ache saturday evening - just like i had in november when i got the flu, so i knew it was coming. it hit full blast sunday morning in the middle of sunday school. i've pretty much slept constantly since sunday afternoon. my fever is gone, but i am so achey & weak. i have laid in every possible position & can't get comfortable. i pray when i'm old i'm not bed-ridden -- i don't think i could handle it!!!

a friend brought me dinner last night & i feel so much better since i finally ate something besides crackers, yogurt, tea & water. i was craving grape juice -- it tasted so good!!! now i'm craving a frozen strawberry margarita!!! maybe i should just have a berry slush from sonic!!!!!!!

praying none of y'all get this!

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