Tuesday, March 1, 2011

update on the wedding invitations

sunday afternoon i set up a table in the living room & worked on the invitations while i watched the oscars. this is the 1st time i've EVER watched the entire oscars!!!!! in my whole life!!!!!!!!!!! and i only saw 1 of the movies ....."the inception"! (& i was totally confused the whole time & suzanne had to keep explaining it & then she got totally frustrated trying to explain it to me so i told her to forget it, it didn't matter!!!!!) that movie won several awards!!!! ha ha ha!!!!!

so back to the invitations...........i'm at the final steps....i'm trimming the ribbons & then all i have to do is get the envelopes & emboss an "S" on them (maybe an iris??) and then send them to brian & monica!!!!!

here are some pictures......

if i EVER get married again, my invitations are going to be sooooooooo simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have a blessed day!

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