Monday, March 21, 2011

went to the dr. today..........

passing time while i wait to pick up 2 prescriptions. went to the dr. this afternoon.......i am over the flu, but dr. found a bunch of other stuff. i am basically OLD!! i have a low grade fever so he prescribed an antibiotic. haven't had ANY symptoms except being tired, but i thought that was from the flu but my blood pressure was extremely high. he did an EKG & all it showed was that my heart rate was very fast - he wants to do another one in a couple weeks when the fever is gone. he asked if i could feel it & i said no. tomorrow morning i have to have a full blood workup. he asked if i was very mad or wanted to kill anyone!!!! he said a blood pressure that high is usually seen in people who want to kill someone!!!!!!! NO!!!! i love everyone right now & am happier than i could ever be!!! i haven't been mad for a long long time!!!!! got over lots of crap from the past & forgave everyone. i AM HAPPY!!!!! everything's been fine. i love my life!!! where did THIS come from??? maybe my "mad face" is a symptom!!!! i never would have guessed it!!!! well, i need to drive very slowly to the pharmacy! pray this doesn't cost an arm & a leg--or 2 legs cuz then i'll be like motorcycle man!!!!

y'all be blessed.

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