Monday, February 21, 2011

wedding invitations!!!!

i spent the whole day working on my nephew's wedding invitations!! there are many steps to these & it's taking awhile. i have the "save the date" cards done; the response cards & envelopes done; the outside purple part of the invitation is done; yesterday & today i worked on the inside part of the invitations. i printed them, cut them to size, embossed a silver "S" & an iris on them & matted them on the red paper. now i have to attach them to the purple cover, cut the ribbons, assemble them.......whew!! that's 340 "S's", 680 irises, 170 ribbons, 170 invitations, 170 response cards, 170 save the date cards; still have the large outside envelopes to do--gonna just do an "S" on those..........they are beautiful & i'm so honored that Brian & Monica asked me to do them for them!!! i checked online & if they were to pay a company to do these (by machine with no embossing) they would be almost $4,000!!!!!! they are paying for supplies, but not labor.....pretty nice wedding present, i'd say!!!! it's been fun & i'm happy to do them!!!

i usually HATE my pictures, but this one turned out pretty good!!!

have a blessed day!!!!


JMeaux said...

What a great picture Dorothy! What have you been doing to yourself??? you look great!!!! and so do the invitations! A very nice thing to do for your nephew.

dorothy erdely said...

judy - i'll email you!!!!!

Bernadette said...

She is "glowing" huh? :)