Sunday, February 27, 2011

seems like forever......

since i posted on this blog. i mean to do it more often, but sometimes life gets in the way! this past week was a busy week - busy at work, busy at home. busy making wedding invitations. busy praying & studying my scripture challenge for sunday school. and then i wanted to just take time for ME. i needed to read. i usually have 3 or 4 books "going" at the same time. amazing how my feeble mind can keep them all straight!!!

i'm reading:
the Bible
a book on prayer
12 extraordinary women by john macarthur
desiring God by john piper

and then i just had to re-read my most favorite "real-life novel" "black heels to tractor wheels" by the pioneer woman!

i want her life!!!

so in the meantime, i'm reading the Bible, a book on prayer, 12 extraordinary women by john macarthur and desiring God by john piper. and doing lots of praying.

and in the meantime, you're looking for some stamping stuff!!!! so here you go!!! these are the cards we made at this month's stamp camp. there was one other, but i sent it to someone before i took a picture of it! the last picture is my messy craft room, which i need to go tidy up so i can work on those invitations some more!

have a blessed day.....i am!!!

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Cindy Sakovich said...

Looks like you changed it up a bit. I like that you get to have all of your stamps at your finger tips. The cling mount stamps are so nice. I love being able flip through them quickly. It makes finding things much easier!