Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i have a REALLY BIG FAVOR to ask everyone.......

(this is a VERY long post --lots of pictures)

i would normally not ask something like this, but i have a friend who needs a favor. he does a prison ministry where he visits & mentors guys in prisons all over texas. some of the guys in the prisons are very accomplished artists (they don't have much else to do there all day, so they draw) & many have given my friend their artwork. he needs to sell some of these pieces to sponsor a guy in a halfway house. he'll take your best offer (i would imagine $20 to $25 for the smaller pieces, more for the bigger ones, or whatever you think is appropriate.) i've seen them & they are amazing! some of them have entire books of scripture written in the most smallest print i have ever seen -- & it's all hand done, not electronically printed!!!! there are colored pencil drawings, ink pen, watercolor, oils. the troy aikman ball point pen drawing was done on a piece of white fabric! the detail is utterly amazing!!! the picture with my hand covering the anatomically correct naked woman is really something! there's so much going on in it!! it's all done with ball point pen -- & he never messed anything up when drawing it--there would be no way to correct it if he did!!!!! it almost made me cry to think that guys with this much talent are sitting behind bars for some stupid crime they did to throw their lives away but just because someone cared enough to talk to them & spend time visiting with them, they've given their lives to the Lord & are using this God-given talent to spread the Word!!!!! so my favor is: would you take a look at the pictures to follow, tell all your friends to come here to my blog & look at them & if you'd please consider purchasing one/some, it would really be a blessing.

we're going to post them on ebay, but i wanted to give y'all 1st chance.....call or email me or leave a comment here if you're interested in any. thanks so much!!!

thanks so much for your help!!!
have a blessed day!!!


dorothy erdely said...

the 2 colored pencil drawings of Jesus on the cross have SOLD!!!!! thank you!!!!!!!

dorothy erdely said...

the troy aikman drawing has SOLD TOO!!!