Tuesday, January 4, 2011

i love it when it rains at night!!

i spent the evening making a birthday gift for a friend at work - can't post pictures yet til i give it to her, so come back in a few days!  i also made my swap cards for both stamp camps & some invitations.  it's late, so i'll take pictures & post later too.  in the meantime, here are a few pictures for your "blogging enjoyment"!!

a couple cards from a past stamp camp:

 what i gave my brothers & sisters for christmas - bible software, but i packaged it up all pretty!

just a little thought --
about a week ago i was driving home from work & i was talking to God, telling him that i didn't feel very loved & didn't feel close to Him.  satan was filling my heart & mind with all sorts of doubts - even about my salvation.  i was crying out to God that i wanted Him to give me some reassurance.  well, that night as i was doing my Bible reading, He spoke to me through 1st John and gave me that reassurance!  for the past week i have been reading this whole book over & over each night along with my other reading.  it's given me such encouragement!!!  go & read it now!!

have a blessed night - & i hope it's raining while you sleep!!

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