Sunday, January 2, 2011

howdy 2011!!!!

                                  i have a feeling yer gonna be a good year!!!!

i know this is a little late, but i posted what NOT to do on new year's eve, so now i'll post what TO DO on new year's eve:    go to church!!  we had the best time of reflection & prayer last friday night.  i wish we could have church every day!!!!!  kevin did a short lesson on the phrase "one another" in the bible -- it's in there 48 times.  really made me think!  i never do "resolutions"; i just figure i need to try harder with everything & when i mess it up, i need to continue to try rather than think "oh well, that resolution is blown" & give up..............but the "one another reflections" really got me to thinking about things i want to do & change this year.    i'm excited!!  but i need to remember, God's in control & i need to wait for His timing.

i spent all day yesterday taking down Christmas &'s amazing how much hair this dog loses every day!!!!!  you'd think she'd be bald!!!!  today i'm going to clean the craft room - a never ending process!!!  tonight it's dinner with ksfj&s, then sarah & i are going to have some long-neglected stamping time together!

monday is another day off!!!!  have a blessed week!!

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Bernadette said...

That calendar is soooo cute!!!!!!