Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i finally worked out my tension...............

on my sewing machine, that is!!!!!!!!

sunday afternoon & evening i worked on my quilt! i finished the last star (that was cut using the Big Shot & 5point star die), basted the top to the batting, then basted that all to the backing & then sewed it together. love it!!!! i was going to hand-quilt around each of the 15 stars, but once i tried i found that the cotton batting along with the top & back (which is light-weight denim) was just too thick to hand-stitch. plus it would have taken i machine quilted around each one. so now it's done!!!! almost----i'm going to sew some buttons to the rest of the cross bars rather than stitch all those bars. here are some pictures of the process -- & a comparison of it & the quilt my sister maggie made. amazing how much that little extra makes!

NOW what project can i get started on???!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have a blessed day!!!!


Bernadette said...

You make a quilt for Suzanne now!!

dorothy erdely said...

bernie - that's so funny that you should say that ---- i started to make her a "sunbonnet sue" quilt when she was 3-----i've never finished it!!!!!!!!!! that was 15 years ago!!! when i finally get it done, it'll be an antique!!!!!!!!!!