Tuesday, September 21, 2010

october stamp camp

yesterday's stamp camp was so much fun!!!  i love you girls!!!!

we came up with a great idea for the october stamp camp:  a shoebox swap!!  this is where each one of you designs a card or project, prepares all the supplies necessary to make the card or project & you put them in a plastic shoebox or basket or whatever & each participant gets to make every card/project!!  so if there are 12 participants, you have enough supplies in your shoebox for 12 projects.  you'll need to have everything they'll need in the box--paper, cut to the right size(s), stamps, ink, adhesive, any embellishments necessary, punches, etc.....you get the picture?   this is so much fun whenever we do it at our demo meetings!  i think it'll be fun to see what every one of you come up with!!! 

please rsvp to this post by monday, 9-27 so i can let everyone know how many to prepare for, like this:
"dorothy - coming & swapping"
"mary - coming but not swapping"
"betty - not coming "---------->NO!!!  don't rsvp like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you want to come but not participate in the swap, please come because i'll have some projects for you to stamp so that you're not missing out on anything!  but i really think everyone should participate for the fun of it!!  your card/project design doesn't have to be complicated - you CAN DO IT!!!

hurry & rsvp to this post!!!


Renee said...

I hope everyone comes and everyone participates! It'll be so fun!

I'll be there and swapping!

Courtney said...

I should be there :) and will be swapping!!

Bernadette said...

Coming and Swapping! FUN!!

zusieq said...

It was a lot of fun Sunday! I will be there for Oct. Susie

Sandy said...

Sorry I hope I'm not too late. I don't have internet at home and I've been really busy at work. I'll be there & want to participate.

dorothy erdely said...

ok - here's who's participating in the shoebox swap stamp camp on october 17:

renee - are your 2 friends coming?

so that looks like about 8 people - why don't we go ahead & prepare for 10 just in case (you can always make up your extras for your "stash"!)