Tuesday, September 21, 2010

november stamp camp - name frames

these are a couple name frames i did this past year for gifts......
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......................i was right in the middle of a LONG post about october stamp camp when the computer decided it needed to do an update & it closed me out of here, installed the updates, wouldn't let me use the computer til all updates were installed & ERASED my long blog post!!  i thought it might save a draft, but no such luck!  well, i'll tell you about the november stamp camp here, then i'll tell you about the october stamp camp in another post!!!  so sorry!!

all the girls at yesterday's stamp camp requested that i teach them how to do my famous "name frames"--they have become my trademark baby gift, but i will show you how to do them too.

we'll be doing these at the november stamp camp which will be on sunday, november 7.  that's the 1st sunday rather than the 3rd sunday, which is the week of thanksgiving,
 so we'll have stamp camp early that month.

for this project you will need:
  • a frame of your choice, 8x10 or larger, depending on what you want to say on the frame.  you don't have to do a name -- you can say "merry christmas," "welcome," "joy", etc........... .  i typically use 8x20 that i get at michael's on sale for my names.  if you need me to get you a frame, put that in your comment & i will add the cost to your "bill".
  • 1 package of dsp of your choice from pages 172 - 175 of the SU! catalog.  i am requesting that you use the SU! paper packages because we'll be using the rest of the paper on several other cool projects that i have in mind.  you will get to take home any leftover paper for your use - it's your package!  i will need to place the paper order this weekend, so please comment in this post by friday, 9-24.  i'll give you your paper at the october stamp camp so you can "get a feel for it" & plan your embellishments, etc. - you'll just have to remember to bring it with you on the 7th!
  • the total cost of the $9.95 paper will be $12.00
  • the total cost of the $11.95 paper will be $14.25
  • you can send a check anytime before the october stamp camp
  • any embellishments of your choice (brads, buttons, prima flowers, etc.)
  • adhesive of your choice.
  • chipboard letters of your choice or you can cut some with my bigshot machine & dies (i only have lower case letters though, so if you want capitals, you'll have to get your own!!!)
  • cereal or cracker boxes etc to use to cut out letters.  save them & bring to october/november stamp camp!!!
please arrive promptly so you'll have plenty of time to do your frame!
i will have paper scraps, ink, punches, etc available for you to use.

**don't forget to rsvp in the comment section!!


Renee said...

November 7th works! Woo hoo! I'll start gathering supplies...

Bernadette said...

Yes i am coming... but i don't what to make! ahhh!

Sandy said...

I'll be there and have my frame.

Bernadette said...

btw the paper i want is "Deck the Halls"