Sunday, September 12, 2010

my new blog!!

ok.  i've been to a stampin' up! demo business builder's meeting & we were challenged to do 2 things to build our businesses.  we had to come up with our own ideas what to do.  i actually have 3 ideas!! 

1.  start a blog;
2.  learn "mds" (my digital studio from su!) better so i could customize my blog & scrapbook more;
3.  have more stamping & scrapbooking events besides my monthly stamp camp.

so i've been home for a 1/2 hour & i have a blog!!!!!............but i'm not computer's an ugly blog!  i want a cute blog!!  i've got a lot to learn!!!!!!   for awhile my blog won't have any pictures on it because i gave my camera to my daughter when she went away to college.  she's got tons of pictures on FB.  hmmmmmmmmm.....maybe i'll be an indian giver & ask for my camera back!!  or maybe i'll ask santa for one for christmas!!!! 

this blog will be where i post info about my stamp camps & other events - be sure to check it regularly for updates!

bear with me  while i learn how to do this!  my upline says it's easy - she has a cute blog!  i wanna be her!!!!

edited later:
i did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i've got a cute blog!!!!!!   penny - i just HAD to use the same background as yours - it was the only sunflower............"imitation is the highest form of flattery"

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