Sunday, September 12, 2010

next to last post for today - i promise!!

i'm going to post all info about stamp camp & other events here on my new blog rather than sending out emails.  please rsvp on the blog in the comments section of each event.  i think it will be much easier to keep track of events & who's coming & who's swapping in each post rather than getting a zillion emails & trying to keep track of them all.  i also think this will be nicer than the evite thing too - that always gave me trouble!  & once i get a new camera, i can even post previews of what we'll be making here!!!!  i'm so excited!  i went to our demo business builder's meeting today wanting to get enthusiastic about stamping again - i'd sort of lost my enthusiasm.  i honestly think this will help.  yay penny!!!  your meeting was a success!!!!

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