Monday, August 12, 2013

summer break

like a lot of other bloggers, i've taken some time off this summer. i haven't been posting much on my blog & haven't been reading a lot of other's blogs. i've missed my "friends", but sometimes it's good to just get away. i did just that last week -- i took the whole week off work, spent a lot of time doing nothing but laying out in "the islands", did crafts at vbs & a few projects at home. did a lot of staying up late & sleeping in late!!!! went back to work today & one of the guys told me i was so dark i looked like a mexican!!!!! the dog was upset when i told him i was going to work today!!! he really enjoyed having me home all last week!!!!

i'm looking forward to catching up on all my "friends" blogs & getting back to writing more on mine. i've got a couple "projects" to show you!!!!

gotta get to bed now, but i'll be back soon (no promises to the exact day/time)!!

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