Monday, August 19, 2013

bedroom makeover

this post is going to be photo heavy!!! FINALLY!!!! such a problem trying to load photos!!!

after 14 or so years with the same paint color, i decided to make a change. didn't realize how much it needed it until i got started. i had changed out the wallpaper border about 8 years ago but the paint has been the same FOREVER! back in 2008 when we had hurricane ike i had some roof damage & leaks. i had fixed the roof & the leaks, "kilz-ed" the stains (but you could still see them) but hadn't painted the ceiling. for the last 5 years i've been living with the "old rustic water stained" look. last friday morning laying in bed i decided it was time to paint & get everything fixed up finally.

i had been debating on whether i wanted to leave the border or remove it. that afternoon i decided to take it down. after that 1st rip there was no going back!!!! down it all came. since i moved to this house in 1990 there's been border at the spot where the wall meets the ceiling on the low sides of the walls & it's been level with that height on the higher walls with white the rest of the way up. this time i decided to go all the way up (1/2 way to heaven!) with the paint. i raised the curtain rod too -- i like them both better this way!

this room looks so rich now with the dark walls, the black furniture & the white woodwork, curtains & linens on the bed!!! everything pops! i just love laying in bed looking at it all!!! it's one of those "why didn't i do this a lot sooner" things!!!

and what color does a texascountrygirl paint her bedroom???

why "sueded leather" of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i LOVE the color!!!!
i even covered the light switches with scrapbook paper!!

the "sueded leather" looks very similar to the "taupe" that i did in suzanne's/the guest bathroom. they're both a rich, chocolatey brown. (& of course i can't find a picture of that bathroom right now!!!) it looks so nice in both rooms with the black furniture & white trim. very "texas country"!!!!

i have some plans for some new decorations for the due time.

i'm runnin' outta rooms to re-do......! i'm contemplating something in the living room, but i have to figure it out -- i don't want to paint all the way to heaven. that room has VERY HIGH celiings!!! it's been "toasted almond" for almost 13 years and needs sprucing up -- lots of marks on the walls in certain places. and i'm tired of the light yellow look.

will it be "sueded leather" in there too???!!! hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

and i'd like to repaint the craft room too. it's been moss green for 8 years. i think i'm out of my "moss green stage"!!! but THAT room would be a huge undertaking!!!! EVERYTHING would have to come OUT & there's 4 tons of stuff in there!!!! but it would be a good way to re-organize it better!! (although it's pretty well organized as it is.)

but i think before any of these projects get done, i'll be re-doing another bathroom. not mine -- i've been hired to re-do a friend's master bathroom. and she wants it PINK! so NOT ME!!!!! this will be interesting!!!! of course i'll be blogging about it!!!!

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