Wednesday, August 21, 2013

my $3 summer purse

a few weeks ago my oldest-bestest friend & i went to brenham & montgomery. we had lunch in a cute little cafe', went to every shop in town & didn't buy a single thing!! i saw a cute summer purse, but they wanted $50 for it!!!! i thought "shoot! i can make my own for next to nothin'!!!"

i bought the bag at hobby lobby for $3 -- on sale!!! and i had the burlap & the other fabric. just stitched up a couple ruffles & sewed them onto the bag. done in less than 30 minutes!

i stenciled my "cafe 28" logo on it -- i like the way i did it on the other burlap bag i did awhile back better than this one, but it's done & there's no takin' that paint off now!!!

i love it!!
i can carry tons of stuff in it to work -- my lunch, my laptop.....
i've gotten TONS of compliments on it everywhere i go!!!
and for just for three dollars!!!!!

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nbprov32 said...

you are just TOO clever!!!