Saturday, August 24, 2013


we have secret sisters at church -- a "mystery person" has your name & you have the name of someone & you pray for her & encourage her anonymously with cards & little gifts throughout the year & at our annual ladies' tea in june we reveal who we had. it's really brought the ladies of our church closer together over that last several years. it's nice to know someone is praying for you even though you don't know who she is. it's fun to surprise another lady with cards & goodies & try, TRY to keep yourself a secret for the whole year! some people are good at it & others....oh well.... but it's still fun!!! (& if you figure out who's got you, it's fun to try to keep THAT a secret!!!!)

a few weeks ago i got a little gift from my secret sister (the person who has my name). either she knows me VERY WELL, or i did a good job of filling out my profile sheet!!!!

she gave me the cutest little gift bag with a mustache on it with a dr. pepper lip gloss in it!!!! (i like diet dr. pepper & mustaches!!!! especially "sam elliott mustaches!!!!) i had just run out of lip gloss so this was perfect timing!!!!

the bag had a sam elliott mustache on it!!!
and now it's a decoration in my bedroom!!!!
AND it reminds me to pray for HER!!!

now because of the mustache bag, the dr. pepper & the cards she has given me already, i've narrowed it down to possibly 3 people!!! but it's probably none of them!!!!!!! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! this is so much fun!!!!!

one of the guys in my office has a son who just graduated from high school & is going away to college - he's got down syndrome & will be going to a college for special needs kids in new mexico. such a big step!!!! blake has been a special friend to me over the past few years. he comes into the office over breaks & helps me organize files, shred papers & do other odd jobs. i wanted to give him a little graduation/going away present. his favorite candy is reese's peanut butter cups.

i filled a 2 liter dr. pepper bottle with various sizes reese's candies & reese's pieces and made a cute little label for the bottle. and i didn't tell him how i got them in there!!!! his dad said everyone in the family was puzzled but after a short while blake said, "she cut a hole in the bottle & covered it with the label!!" BINGO!!!! (it'actually a slit though)
he's a smart boy & i know he's gonna do great at COLLEGE.

.....not so sure about his mom & dad though.......this isn't like going away overnight to camp a couple hours away!!!!! maybe mike can do some shredding for me to keep his mind occupied!!!!!!!

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