Sunday, October 30, 2011

a funny question


[jilt] Show IPA
verb (used with object)
to reject or cast aside (a lover or sweetheart), especially abruptly or unfeelingly.


[sha-toh; Fr. shah-toh] Show IPA
noun, plural -teaus, -teaux [-tohz; Fr. -toh] Show IPA.
(in France) a castle or fortress.
a stately residence imitating a distinctively French castle.
a country estate, especially a fine one, in France or elsewhere on the Continent.
(often initial capital letter) a winegrower's estate, especially in the Bordeaux region of France: often used as part of the name of a wine.
yesterday my friend joyce's husband asked me why i was painting all my furniture black.  my answer:  i don't know; because i like it!
he then proceded to tell me a story of a countess in france who was jilted by a man she loved so she painted everything, walls, furniture, everything, in her chateau dark.  well, i'm sure SHE didn't paint it, i'm sure she HAD it painted!!! 
i'm not a countess & my house is far from a chateau, so i'm doing the painting myself!
bruce said, "so is that the reason you're painting everything black?"
well, that reasoning never crossed my mind!  i'm painting everything black because it was time for a change.  time to renovate the outdated look of the furniture & cabinets in my 22 year old house!  i debated over what color to paint everything.  i thought about white for the kitchen cabinets.   that's pretty popular in the design world right now.  but i grew up with white cabinets & remember all the smudgy fingerprints & having to wash them & never really getting them clean.  blues & greens are very popular paint colors for furniture these days too, but i'm just not into blue or green furniture.  i do not like white bedroom furniture.  too pre-teen, french looking for my style.    black is a good basic classy color.  most of my wardrobe is black.  you can assessorize with other colors & it looks good.  so that's why i went with black!
jilted?  nah, i prefer to look at it this way:  God was protecting me from some real heartache & preparing me for something even better!  and someOne just doesn't realize what he lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm doing just fine!
well, i'd better get to sanding & painting!!!!  got lots to do still.................there are a ton of cabinets in this house!!!!

 and as you can see, i've got a lot of landscaping/gardening work to do too!!!!!

be blessed!!!

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