Saturday, October 29, 2011

a busy saturday

this morning after breakfast i sanded 8 cupboard doors & 6 drawers, painted all 6 drawers & the back sides of the doors. 

this is what i have to look at for the next several days:

see the white paint on the floor?  actually it's light pink.  it used to be in a glass jar.  there's no more glass jar!  it's not a good idea to store paint in glass jars in the garage.  take my word for it.  that paint on the floor is proof!!! (it was left over paint from faith's room - sarah gave it to me when they moved.  i should have given it to the lady who bought their house........too late now!!!!!)

then it was 3pm so i went up to the church & painted the baseboards & door frames in the pastor's office.  forgot to take the camera with me!

gonna go wash these & go to bed:

this is gonna take some scrubbin'!!!

 i think i'll take a shower & put clean sheets on the bed first!  right now it's 8:24pm!!!!!  i'm pooped!!!  what an exciting life i have!!!!

but it's mine!  & it's blessed!!!

have a blessed weekend!!!!

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