Saturday, June 18, 2011

today.......i got a little red wagon!!!!!!!

today we had our annual ladies' tea @ church.  sarah & i come up with a theme & plan it all out - i help with the table decorations, the programs, & favors.  (this year others did the favors while i was in the hospital.)  everything always turns out so beautiful & the fun & fellowship of all the ladies is great.  when each one is over, i'm a little sad because we have to wait a whole year for the next one!!!!

but one of the benefits is the secret sister ministry!  each year we choose a secret sister randomly from a basket.  then over the next year we shower that lady with cards, small gifts, prayers & whatever we want to encourage her but it's a secret & she doesn't know who the person is that's blessing her.  at least she's not supposed to know!!!!  some people figure it out.  i kind of had a feeling who had me this year, but then i wasn't real sure.  the lady who had me this year was judy!!  (funny, i had her last year!!!)  a couple weeks ago i was at judy's house & some of us were talking about decorating.  i mentioned i wished i still had my kids' little red wagon because i wanted to put it in the backyard as decoration.  judy said she had one, but it was all rusty.  i said that would be perfect because i wanted it rusty!!!!  she didn't say she'd give it to me & i didn't ask for it.

well, today at the tea when she revealed that she was my SS, she gave me this:

and told me she was going to give me the big wagon from her garage too!!!!!   how cool is that????

the lady i had as my SS this past year was lakiesha.  she & her husband have only been coming to our church for a little over a year now i think & this was a great way for me to get to know her better.  i loved how excited she got every sunday that there was something on the table for her!!  she would go around showing it to everyone, asking, "is this from you? are you my SS?"  i had to LIE to her several times & say "no, but i'm not going to say....."  it was hard to keep a "poker face" - i have a very hard time with a poker face!!!!!  i've already repented & asked for God's forgiveness - i'm pretty sure He understands the reason for the deceit!!!!!!!  i forgot to take a picture of the final gift i gave her, but is was a plate with daisies on it & some honey soap with a cute little bee on it.  and this is what she gave me.......

that's what
i call a "God-incidence"!!!!!! (rather than a co-incidence)

(i usually kill potted plants - so pray for these!!!!!  it'd be so nice to plant them on the shady side of the house where they won't bake in the sun.   is that where they need to be??????  or do they need to be in the sun?   gonna have to "google" that!!!!!)

after i got home from the tea, i waited a little while to go to the virgin islands.  it was just soooooooooooooooo hot!!!  and i had a pain - it felt like i had a rope tied around my ribs & it was being pulled very very tightly.  i don't know if it was gas or heartburn or what but i felt like my ribs were being crushed.  i tried to lay down & couldn't find a comfortable position.  i sat outside for a little while & the heat was almost unbearable!  there was a nice "ocean" breeze but it was hot, so i came in.  i need a pool!!!!  i'm taking donations - if you need my address so you can send your donation in, just let me know!!!!!

be blessed & have a great rest of the weekend!!!

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LaKiesha said...

This was very sweet. I'm glad you like the daisy's!