Sunday, June 26, 2011

i just got back from THE MOST fun birthday party EVER!!!!

today is my friend LaKiesha's 28th birthday.  she had a party at the cheesecake factory at the galleria & it was THE MOST FUN birthday party ever!!!!   we laughed so much that our faces hurt!!!!!!!  LaKiesha was my secret sister at church this past year & 28 is my favorite number, so this was a special day!!!!!   thanks "L" for having a birthday, for having a party, & for inviting me!!!  thanks "mrs. holman" for having LaKiesha 28 years ago!!!!  (p.s. do call me - we'll have to go out & have some fun while our daughters are at college!!!!!!!!)

on june 22 it rained in texas!!!!!!!!!!!!

on june 22, it rained in the virgin islands!!!!!!!!!
                                          it looks like snow, but it's RAIN!!!!!!!

                                                     BEAUTIFUL RAIN!!!!!!!
                                             it hasn't rained here since may 12
             this is the coolest it's been at 7:30 in the morning in a LONGGGGGGGG time!!!!

it was a beautiful day!!!!!!

 be blessed - i really am!!!!!

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LaKiesha said...

Thank you Dorothy! I just "followed" you and this post came up! Thank you for making me feel so special. My mom also said she had a great time with you too!!!