Friday, June 17, 2011

texas in june........

in june in texas, our favorite color is brown!!!!

because this is the color of the grass after over 6 months of no rain --well we had rain on May 12th.  a little.  not much.  not enough.

in the shade!!!  5:15's 8:15 as i type & the temp is slightly under 100!!!!

                                                              my babies

                                                          a little droopy

the black eyed susans are just about finished -- i water them & a few of them are still perky.  poor little babies!!!   i've given up on watering the grass.  i was watering everyday & it still turned to brown straw, so i've decided to conserve water. 


that's summer in texas!!!!  and it's ONLY june!!!!  we have another  5 months to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there IS a LITTLE patch of GREEN - in the Virgin Islands!!!!!!!!  

strange!!!! -----i think someone's buried under there!!!!!!!!!

be blessed - i am!!!!!  (even when i don't realize it or believe it!!)

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