Saturday, April 16, 2011

bottlebrushes & fingernails!!

i had a nice surprise when i came home from the hospital -- my bottlebrush bushes are blooming!!!!!!! besides bluebonnets & sunflowers, bottlebrushes are my next favorite "flower". these 2 are planted in the front of the house outside my craft room window. i'm beginning to get the energy to want to make something, so i need to hurry so i can enjoy looking at these pretties while i create!!!

and.....................after 2 months of doing NOTHING...............i have fingernails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i used to tell my sister maggie that she had fingernails because she never did anything & i never had fingernails because i was the one who did all the work!!!!! well, i have certainly proved that fact once again!!!!!!! i even bought polish for the 1st time in forever-----cost 6 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!! whew!!! i'm sure i could have found some for less, but i went to walmart & if any of you know me very well, you know that me & walmart don't mix!!! i get nervous in there & almost break out in hives -- it's some sort of subliminal mess with your mind stuff that they pipe through the store!!!! and it was the 1st display of polish i saw after wandering for way longer than i wanted to. and it was the perfect color that i had in mind! anyhow, it's a good thing our cars run on gas & not nail polish!!!!! ----see, there are blessings in everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks to everyone who visited, sent cards, or called me after i got out of the hospital. i'm feeling much better & will go to church tomorrow for the 1st time in a month!! i sure miss it!! it'll be good to see everyone & get some hugs!!!!

y'all be blessed!!

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Cindy Sakovich said...

Glad you are feeling better. Love the bottle brush tree. The nails are pretty, too. Keep healing. Glory and honor to Him!-cindy