Monday, April 25, 2011

went to work today!!

..........they want me to come back tomorrow! dang!!!!

there was a pile of work a foot & a 1/2 tall on my desk!!!!! and i deleted 239 emails (after reading every one of them, of course, to see if there was anything important in them!!!!!) and that's only the ones i deleted!!!! there are still a bunch that need action!!!! guess my days of tanning all day are over until the weekends - oh well!!! everyone liked the tan i do have & they were all happy i'm back. that was nice!!!

look what a friend gave me.............

i LOVE old doorknobs!!!! i have lots of old doorknobs!!! these are special & i love them!!!! i opened the box yesterday at church & got all excited when i saw them -- someone watching made the comment: "it doesn't take much to make you happy!" she was right!!!!!!!!!

well, i've got to go practice my memory verses for sunday school......have to recite the 1st 16 verses of james 1 THIS sunday!! i just about have them down!!!!

be blessed - i am!!!!!

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