Sunday, October 10, 2010

stamp a stack

well, the only person to come to the 1st saturday stamp a stack was sandy b.  she had a bunch of christmas cards that she hadn't finished last year so that's what she worked on.  i already have my christmas cards done for this year----you can get a lot of things done when your kid goes to college & you're home alone!!!!!----so i made a name frame for a baby gift for my former boss.  here's a little "preview"........

we'll be doing these at the november stamp camp.  be thinking about what name or word you want to do, what colors, etc.  i'll have more details on these in posts to come.

wanna see my christmas card?  here's a sneek peek!!

                                                     have a blessed day!!


Bernadette said...

We are getting our letters from you right? Will i be able to fit Merry Christmas with the paper i bought?? and how big of a frame do you think i will need to fit those letters??

HELP! lol

i still have to put together my shoe box.... boo.. my school has overrun me lately!

dorothy erdely said...

i'll have more details about the "name frames" to for them!

get busy with that shoe box swap, girlie!!! we're counting on you!!!!!