Monday, October 4, 2010

october stamp camp - shoebox swap numbers

ok - here's who's participating in the shoebox swap stamp camp on october 17:
renee - are your 2 friends coming?
so that looks like about 8 people - why don't we go ahead & prepare for 10 just in case (you can always make up your extras for your "stash"!)

here's what each of you have to do:  design a card that's easy enough for everyone to make at stamp camp.  cut all the paper, gather all the supplies you need, put everything in a shoebox & bring to stamp camp so everyone can make your card!  be sure to include all the ink, stamps, etc. that you need.  you can do any kind of card you want!!  just have enough supplies for 10 cards!

i'm excited to see what y'all come up with!!!

aren't these cute?!  i don't "do" halloween, but these little cuties were made by my SU! upline penny with the petal punch --it takes 2 punches each & they're big enough to hold a tiny candy surprise!!!!

have a great week ---i am!!  my baby's home for a few days for fall break!!  and the weather's beautiful!!!!!

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Joanne said...

I will not be at stamp camp this week. Just wanted to let ya know. :( This time of the year is so crazy!!!! I will try to come by this week to pick up orders and pay you for the most recent one.