Sunday, October 10, 2010


it's really hard - not impossible, but hard - to have a blog when you don't have a camera!  i gave my camera to suzanne when she went off to college thinking that since she was gone i'd not have a lot of need for the camera.  ha!  then i started a blog!  i'm sure you'd much rather see pictures of cute cards & such rather than just a bunch of rambling black letters!!  most of you know my downline sarah.  not only is she my downline, but she's my neighbor, my pastor's wife & someone i consider one of my best friends.  well, sweet sarah & i were stamping together one night & i mentioned that my blog is sort of boring without pictures & i don't have the $$ right now to get another camera.  do you know what she said?........."we have an extra camera that you can borrow"!!!!!!!!!  how wonderful!!!!  (i'm scared to death that i'll break it, but i'm being VERY careful!!!)  i spent a little time this afternoon taking a bunch of pictures so that i can blog with pictures for quite some time!!!!! 

my problem is, i want to upload all the pictures NOW so you can see them, but we're all going to have to be patient & enjoy them over time!!!

here are some cards from our last stamp camp.  the theme was "fall".......

this one's my favorite & focuses on masking, watercoloring with markers & "pools" of ink, & a cool outline technique.  at stamp camp i had the girls do the outline with the fine end of the SU! marker, but on this one i used the brush end----you just have to have a steady hand & wipe your ruler frequently so you don't get smears & smudges.

this one uses the classic "lovely as a tree" - i hope it NEVER retires!  it's a set that everyone in the world should own!!!  if you don't have it, let me know & you can order it!

this was a hard card to photograph because it's embossed with gold & i kept getting a glare.  such a simple card, but a real wow card though!

our NEXT stamp camp is next sunday, the 17th at 2pm.  we're doing a "shoebox swap" where everyone in attendance will be designing & bringing the supplies for a card that we'll all make.  this is a 1st for our group, but you girls are so good that i'm sure the cards will be fantastic!  i can't wait!!!!  (neither could susie---she arrived at my house at 2pm TODAY!!!!!!!  we had a nice little visit & then she left, but she'll be back next sunday with her shoebox swap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

have a blessed day - "talk to ya later!"

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