Monday, November 3, 2014

my house smells fantastic!

i've got a double batch of pumpkin muffins baking & a huge crockpot of apples cooking for applesauce and all of this cinnamony wonderfulness smells delicious!

looks like i need to clean the oven!!!!

after a long weekend at the quilt show, a trip to bellville to pick up a pig (i'll tell ya 'bout that later!), working in the garage cleaning, painting & building a workbench, and another day at the quilt show, i'm going to spend my last day of this vacation sewing. i've got some christmas presents to make & a couple shirts to make for my sister plus a BUNCH of mending.........

and speaking of christmas - i don't even have a clue what my christmas cards are going to be!!! so many ideas & i can't choose one!!!

this has been a great weekend -- i hope to get lots accomplished today then i have to go to work tomorrow..............why can't i just be on vacation forever....or retire.....where's my rich knight in shining armor?????????????????????????

(i DID meet a man who owns a castle this weekend.....but he wasn't a knight!!!!! at least i don't think so...............)

link: newman's castle

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