Saturday, July 26, 2014

july's been a busy month!!!!!

it's gonna take a while to tell you all about it, but for now here's what i did yesterday:

picked up my NEW GLASSES from the eye doctor!!!!!
i haven't had plastic frames since 6th grade! i started wearing glasses in 4th grade. in 7th grade i got metal frames & in 11th grade started wearing contacts. i wore contacts until just a few years ago -- when i got old!!!!! it was much easier to take a nap anywhere without having to mess with contacts!!!!!!!!! ha ha!!!!

when i was on vacation my sister & i went to an eyeglasses store so i could get her opinion on new frames since i had a dr. appt. scheduled for when i got back home. i found a pair i really liked that had a star on each side but it had rhinestones circling the star & just looked a little too "hokey"! then the optician told me the frames wouldn't work with my prescription because of how the lenses were in the frame -- sort of "frameless" on the sides. i'm practically BLIND so the edges are pretty thick! all the others i tried on were metal - the plastic ones just didn't look that great.

when i went to my dr., i pulled about 12 frames - all metal except for 2 pair of plastic ones. the one pair didn't look good at all. i narrowed it down to about 3 frames and the 1 plastic pair. i kept coming back to the plastic one!!!!! there was just SOMETHING about it!!! i don't know if it was the turquoise bows or what!!! (i'm in a turquoise sort of mood lately!!!! i painted turquoise on my dining room table, there's turq. in the pillows on my couch, i made a new set of placemats & napkins that have turq. in them, i got a turq. dish drainer mat for the kitchen......i'm thinking of painting my tv cabinet in the living room turquoise!!!!!!!!!)

so finally, after going back & forth & back & forth, i said, "OH HECK! i'm just going to have a mid-life crisis & choose the turquoise plastic ones!!!!" the optician said, "Good for you!!!!! i like them on you!"

so it was done! for 2 weeks i prayed that when they came in (no 1-hour jobby for MY prescription!!!!!), i'd like them because i'm gonna have to wear them for the next 1 to 2 years!!!!!

well, they were ready yesterday after work and i LOVE THEM!!!!!

here's the old ones:

and again the new:

today on facebook my sister said i looked smarter --- i'd say smarter and younger!!!!!

so happy i had a mid-life crisis!!!!!!!!!!!!

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