Monday, July 7, 2014

how i spent my 4th of july weekend

remember when we had to write those papers in elementary school?! my papers were never very good because we never did anything. i sure have made up for that since then!!!!!!

here's what i did this past 3 day weekend:

went grocery shopping
stained a pallet to look like an american flag.
mowed the grass
had laurie & her family over for dinner & to watch the fireworks one last time before they move. (they sold their house after just 1 day on the market!!!! had multiple offers too! (must have been that great paint job i did!!!!!!)
ran some errands
refinished my dining room table
went to church
sewed 8 placemats & 8 napkins
watched a bunch of movies on netflix

i'll have details & more pictures of the table & placemats in future posts!

what did you do?

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