Tuesday, July 29, 2014

dining room table details

earlier this month i refinished my dining room table.

i did just the top & left the "skirt", legs & chairs the original stain. the top is black (to match the kitchen cupboards) with a touch of turquoise.


during (no turning back now!!!):

after sanding i painted it with my "widow's oil black paint"!!

then i painted on a layer of turquoise -- this was a waste of paint!!!! based on the areas that i sanded for the turquoise to show through, i painted way too much area & it got covered up with black & didn't get sanded in all the areas that were painted, so it was a waste! i should have just painted it where i knew it was going to be sanded. oh well, it was fun anyhow!!!

then another coat of black & some strategic sanding & then i did some dry brushing of turquoise to make it show up better:

then some more sanding & poly'ing & sanding & poly'ing to get the right finish.
i'm really pleased with how it turned out! and the new placemats & napkins i made coordinate with my summery dishes!

now what can i paint next??????!!!!!!!!!!

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