Wednesday, April 9, 2014

i've entered the 21st century -- sorta!!!

well, i've gone & done it.
done something i said i'd NEVER do.

i held out as long as i could & then yesterday, out of the blue, something came over me. don't know what possessed me! beforehand i didn't even give it any thought.

it just happened.

at lunchtime i went to verizon to pay my phone bill (because i forgot to do it online over the weekend & i can never remember the password -- have to look at the "cheat book" every time!!!! so i went in, paid my bill & then the next thing i know, the vulture nice man says, "can i take all the rest of your money?" "is there anything else i can help you with?"

before i knew it, i had a quote for an upgrade to an iphone!

i didn't have time for all the questions i had in my head, so i told him i'd come back after work.

i fully expected to not go back & made a mental note to make sure i paid my bill online next month!!!!!

well, i guess my car had other plans because after work instead of heading home, it drove to verizon!!!!

(silly car! didn't it know that the extra money i'm now spending each month on my phone bill could have gone for GAS for him instead??????? i guess HE won't be going out as much because i'll be sitting at home TEXTING!!!!!!!)

yes, i have given in & i have texted! i have texted with my kids & two friends & i sent my sister a text, but she didn't text me back!!!!!! it's still awkward & when i hit a key i don't get the letter i want & i can't type as fast as i can on a computer keyboard. (suzanne CAN!!!! oh my!!! she can make those thumbs move!!!!)

i spent almost 2 hours asking the girl at verizon all sorts of questions (she earned her paycheck that day!!!!!!!) (the "nice man" wasn't there) & then suzanne gave me a crash course & then i stayed up late figuring out a bunch of stuff. i don't think it's gonna be as hard as i anticipated! (i woke up to barking dogs - which i thought would be a good alarm, but i didn't like it, so i'll have to switch to something else tonight!!!!)

NOW PEOPLE JUST NEED TO TEXT ME!!!!!! my "dumb phone" worked just fine for so long but i didn't really get enough calls to warrant anything "better". suzanne & the boys at the office kept saying i should get a texting phone & then they'd text me instead of call. apparently it's the only way the world communicates!!!!! so come on people, text me!!! i want to get my money's worth outta what i'm now paying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here's the "new addition":

(the cover's not scratched -- that's glare.) and, of course, i put a mustache on him!!!!!! i spent the money to put one of those waterproof cases on it. don't want to take a chance & now i can put it in my pocket when i'm outside, gardening, walking, or whatever, without having to worry. a little expensive now, but it's much better than having to pay a bazillion dollars --yes, that's what they cost!!! -- later to replace it!! i'm going to get one for suzanne -- i worry about her phone, especially now that she & justin have taken up this "mudding hobby"!!

so, there you have it!! i'm a texter!! but don't worry. this rustic texascountrygirl is still a little lot old-fashioned -- wait til you see my next post about my backyard project!!!!!!

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