Wednesday, November 13, 2013

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh geronimoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

the escapades of geronimo, part 733 (or it may be more, i've lost track!!)

THAT DOG!!!!!!!!
i don't know what i'm going to do with him!!!!

we used to have a sheltie that would lay in the house on the floor (on the couch or my bed --neither of which she was "allowed" to do, but at least she was laying down) or lay in the backyard. she didn't dig (except on one side of the house, halfway to china, no less.....) but that's beside the point...............we THOUGHT she was a hyper dog, acting like a puppy right up to her last year. she lived to be 15 & near the end she slowed down a bit.

GERONIMO is only 2 ----- i don't think either of us will make it to 15 if he doesn't SETTLE DOWN VERY SOON. kristi was a very calm dog compared to GERONIMO!

he has to CONSTANTLY be doing SOMETHING. and that something is usually BAD!
he HAS to be chained up or he will eat the house, destroy everything in site, escape....or more!!! he has dug so many holes in the yard that if they were all connected, i'd have a huge in-ground swimming pool!!! add a little concrete & a filter & i'd be all set!!!!!

tonight i had some friends over helping with items for our church's christmas dinner. BOOM! something hit the kitchen window! my friend joyce says, "was that the dog?" i said, "HOW? he's chained up & can't reach the window" i went out to the back yard -- geronimo was LOOSE! he had somehow UNHOOKED the chain from his collar & had had a GRAND OLE TIME tearing up everything in the backyard!!!!

i chained him back up, came back in & not too soon after we heard SOMETHING in the back yard..............and it wasn't a GOOD sound!!!

that MONSTER had somehow unhooked his chain from where it was wrapped around & hooked to the wooden swingset & was dragging his chain all over the yard, running like crazy, jumping on the pallet lounge chair, clanking that chain into everything!!!

i grabbed the chain, he took off running, pulling me behind him like a sled. he would run up to me & jump & attack like i was his chew toy -- he was so aggressively wild it was scarey. (the thought did enter my mind, "you're outta here -- to the pound you're going!!!!" my other thought was "you'd better be glad i don't own a gun or you'd be a dead dog!") i finally got him to calm down & i hooked the chain back up to the swingset, gave him a good talkin' to & came inside.

how on earth does this dog manage to do the things he does???? when i got home from work he was chained up, sitting on top of his house, then he'd stand up, put his front feet on the fence & look over into the neighbor's yard like a nosy neighbor!!!!!!! in a matter of 1 hour he learns to unhook his chain from his collar & then it doesn't even take him 30 minutes to unhook it from the swingset?????????? this dog is too smart for his own good!!!!!!

he's quiet now -- i can't tell if he's in his house or not. it's COLD out. the temp is supposed to get in the low 30's tonight. i put a blanket in his house. he's probably either dragged it out or eaten it. there's no where to put him INSIDE the house because he's like a pinball when he's inside. he would destroy everything, pee on everything, make a lot of noise barking & i'd get absolutely no sleep. i keep telling myself "he's a husky. he'll be fine out there" & the other part of me says, "oh, i just wish he could come inside & lay at the bottom of my bed the way kristi used to do."

it's cold out -- i had better not hear any noises outside my bedroom window tonight because i don't want to have to go outside to deal with him! he'll be sorry if i have to!!!!!!

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