Sunday, November 3, 2013

an apology

i've gotten so many emails about my last post. many were concerned about me. lots said "noooooooooo! don't quit your blog!!!!"

i apologize for writing a post when i was in a state of emotions -- some personal things weren't going well & i should never have written a post when i was so upset. in the days since, things have settled down -- thanks to some good counsel from some very good friends -- & things are fine.

AND i've thought about 25 or so things that would make fantastic blog posts!!!!! i love my blog & i don't want to stop writing it. i enjoy writing about my thoughts, my projects, the crazy things in my boring life. and i don't care if i'm not one of those "famous" blogwriters, i don't care if people all over the world read my blog or if just one person reads my blog. i don't care if i'm the only one who reads my blog. i'm writing this for me -- & i like sharing it with you. i like writing about the projects & things i do & this blog is sometimes like therapy, so i'm going to continue writing it.

i'd be lost without it!

i made a whirlwind trip to tyler & canton this weekend. went to THE most beautiful wedding saturday evening!!! forgot my camera.

went to canton saturday morning -- wish i could have gone friday & sunday too. didn't get to see all i wanted to see but had 2 specific things in mind to get & i got them. plus i got a few good ideas for some christmas presents!!

the next time i go to canton, i'm going on a day when i don't have to be at a wedding later & i might even go by myself so i can go at my own pace & see everything i want to see -- even though it's fun to go with friends, sometimes it's better to go alone!

(for those who don't know, canton is like the world's biggest, greatest flea market/craftshow etc etc etc in the whole world!!!!!!!! it's only open on the 1st monday weekend of each month. november & december are CRAZY months to go because of the gazillions of christmas shoppers, but it's still fun. definitely NOT a place to go if you don't like crowds, can't walk very much, get hungry quickly & can't stand a 45 minute wait in a long line or can't hold your bladder!!!!!!!)

you also have to either have TONS of money or put yourself on a strict budget & stick to it!!! i took $100 cash & told myself i would NOT use my debit card. i got the things i specifically had in mind that i wanted & came home with $15!!!!!!! well, $10 actually -- i spent $5 for lunch today on the way home!!

i'll show you tomorrow all the goodies i got!!

for now -- here's a picture of me SMILING.
because life ain't so bad......!

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