Tuesday, November 5, 2013

canton goodies & my project!!!

i went to canton for 2 3 specific things:

1. candle melts from country chunky candles ---- check!

2. doorknobs & plates from "doorknob bob" ----- check!

3. ideas for christmas gifts ----- check! ---not as many as i wanted though!

i had a budget -- i took $100 cash. that was for canton stuff & meals. i was NOT going to use my debit card or go over my budget. i came home with $10. (a friend paid for my lunch at canton -- she's such a sweet lady!! i'm gonna have to do something special for her!)

i'm in love with the leather scented candle melts!!!! and the one called "cowgirl undies" -- it's leather & cinnamon! i keep one in my car in a cut off water bottle in one of the cup holders. the heat from the sun warms the melt & makes the car smell soooooo good!!!! i cleaned them out of those 2 scents!!!! AND i had a coupon!!!
(that's not all of them!!)
i needed doorknobs & plates for a project in my bedroom. got 'em!!!
last year when i went, he didn't have a whole lot of doorknobs -- this year he must have hit the jackpot somewhere because he had a TON of gorgeous glass knobs! i wish i had had more money!!! but i was good & didn't take out the debit card!!!!! i'm gonna have to do something to increase my budget the next time i go though!!!! it was so hard to walk away from all those beauties!!!!!!

and as far as ideas for christmas gifts, well i just can't talk about those just yet!!!! you'll just have to wait & see!

i was so excited to get home yesterday afternoon & get started on my bedroom project! wanna see it????

i JBWelded a screw into each knob & while the epoxy was setting, i figured which plates i was going to use & measured the distance between each of them & screwed the plates into the wall. after waiting a couple hours, i screwed the knobs into the wall through the hole in the plate.
did you know that the black ones & white ones are made out of clay with a porcelain coating? i know this because one of my black ones that i got last year got dropped somehow & broke but i was able to "JBWeld" it back together to use for this project!!
TA DA!!!!! sorry - it's really hard to get a good photo of all of them & still be able to see them all.

my doorknob border is complete!!!! some of the plates are rusty & some are chippy -- i love them!!!! and the knobs!!!! i don't have a favorite! love 'em all!!!!

got these little boots from a friend in tyler. gonna do an outside project with them.

well, i just took an almost 3 hour lunch with a friend -- don't worry, i'm off today! the best thing about taking off on "turn the clocks back weekend" is you get an extra hour of vacation!!!!! so i'd better get busy & not waste that hour!!!!!! it's been raining all day, so i'm working on inside stuff. so glad the other 3 days of vacation were beautiful!!

(this was written yesterday, monday, but blogger wouldn't let me upload photos yesterday!)

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