Wednesday, September 11, 2013

preview of my next project

tonight on the way home from the nursing home i thought of my next project!!!

when i repainted my bedroom i took down the wallpaper border. i like the "freshness" of not having border clutter the walls. but since i had border up when i textured the one wall more than a decade or 2 ago, i had a gap of untextured wall where the border had been.

kinda hard to see......but it's there & i seem to look at it a lot! probably no one else would even see it, but i do!
i can't do those arrows & words on pictures like some bloggers do -- so you'll just have to squint to see it!!!
i can see it pretty good, can you?
i don't want to put any border up, but i did think of a "what i think is going to be a cute idea" --

-- and it involves 2 of my favorite things:
pallet boards & doorknobs!!!

i can't wait to get started, but it's too late tonight!!!!!

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