Saturday, September 14, 2013

just a typical saturday.....

got my exercise today -- mowed the front & back yards, pulled weeds in 1 flowerbed, played with the dog, chased a frog around the house. the INSIDE of the house!!!

he came in with me when i opened the back door. i chased him around the living room with a broom & plastic bowl. (both of which i just happened to have in my hands when i came in the door.) i don't know which one of us was more scared!!!!

finally got him back out the door.

i might be a country girl, but i don't want frogs IN my house!!!!!

here are some pictures i took to blog about, but never got around to it-----
cooling off on a hot day:
our other dog kristi loved to chase the water from the hose or sprinkler. geronimo has always been afraid of it. but last saturday he played in the "mister" sprinkler & loved it!!

last saturday i cleaned the garage. i didn't take any "before" pictures -- you don't want to see the mess it was in!!! how does it get like that???? i always put stuff away......!!!!!

i organized all the paint on one set of shelves; organized the tools all on another shelf. rearranged the peg board wall so i could hang my barbed wire instead of just having it lying on the ground. (i do have one bunch still lying on the ground, but it's off & out of the way now. (not laying right by my car door like it was before!!!!) i think the hanging bunch is going to stay right there as a decoration -- ya gotta have a nice decorated garage!!!!!

that jewelry cabinet is a "side of the road" find (from the neighbors next door!!!!!) that i'm going to do something with soon!

the wagon got moved to the garage when i rearranged the front porch. it's been in the backyard, the front porch, & now in the garage.........for now!

last saturday i also fixed the pallet dog house. he kept getting his chain caught on the slats. (he didn't have this problem with the other chain we had which was one of those heavy duty plastic/rubber/something coated wire "chains". but he kept chewing on it & chewed right through the wires. twice.) he HAS to be chained because if he wasn't, he'd get into big trouble, dig his way out or jump over the fence. he has a link chain now, it's more sturdy -- he won't chew through it, but it gets caught on things a little easier. like on the slats of the pallets. i had some pallets that were "finished" on the edges so i put one on the "roof" & dismantled another pallet to fill in the gaps so it's a nice solid "roof"/sunbathing surface! i fixed up the sides & front & now he can't get caught up on it. and it's a lot more "rainproof" too!
it might be a little "redneck", but heck, it was totally free & it works!!! there's no way i'm spending $500 + for a "cheap" dog house that he might not even go in! he loves this one, uses both the inside & the topside. he's happy & so am i!!! i'm thinking about painting his name on the front!!
so much more room!!!!

so that used up another 4 pallets which means i have only 3 pallets & some boards left from the 23 pallets i had last christmas!!!! oh -- my friend joyce has 1 in her garage for me!!!! good, because i have another project in mind!!!!!

last saturday i must have had lots of energy because i ALSO finished painting the pallet lawn chair!! (& all this was AFTER painting my friend's bathroom friday night!!!!)
so glad to have THAT finally done!! i re-stuffed & sewed the chair cushion too!!!

WHEW!!! i'm tired just thinking about all that!!!!! i think i'll go to bed now!!

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