Monday, September 2, 2013

a letter to my daughter

dear suzanne,

honey, i love you VERY MUCH. (i love your dog too -- remember that point for later.) i'm happy you're home from college for the holiday weekend. i hope you have a fun day with your boyfriend. i was going to spend the day laying out, reading on my "pallet lawnchair." i'm still going to do that, but it won't be as comfortable as it was yesterday.

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every morning i look out the kitchen or bedroom window when i get up to check on my your the dog. this morning i looked out the kitchen window & didn't see a dog on the end of the chain. so i opened the back door to see where he was.

THIS is what i saw:

THIS is why i have told you a



be chained at ALL times unless you are with him!

he CANNOT be left alone!

he WILL get into trouble!


he came running right up to his "masterpiece" piece of work.

here he is, so proud of what he had done:

here he is getting yelled at for what he had done:
he knows when to hang his head in shame.

here he is crying about what he had done:
(he MIGHT be laughing about how much FUN it was tearing up that cushion, but i PREFER to think he's crying.)

and here he is giving me a hug, even after being yelled at:

cost of a lawnchair cushion: $50
hugs from a (bad) dog: priceless

maybe you & justin can find a sale on lawnchair cushions today!

love, mom

p.s. i know it was ME who left the cushion on the chair. (that is not the point of this story.) HOWEVER, my the your dog is SUPPOSED to be CHAINED. he has a 20' chain that enables him to move freely, within BOUNDS, & not get into trouble. he needs to be connected to that chain so he doesn't get into things he's not supposed to get into, ie lawnchair cushions, mulch in flowerbeds, etc.

don't buy a cushion just yet -- i haven't looked at it closely, but i think i might be able to stuff the stuffing back in & sew it up.

i'll let you know.

love, supermom


Suzan Sweatman said...

oh Dorothy - look at that face - he's too precious LOL
How can you be made at that face?

dorothy erdely said...

yes, suzan, he's like a cat with 9 lives!!! his good looks have saved him many a time!!!!!!!

i always said, "God made animals & kids cute so we wouldn't kill 'em or eat 'em!!!!!"