Saturday, May 18, 2013

i did it!!!!

i finally changed up the wall decorations in the dining room!!
after it being the same way for ?? 20 years????

i looked all over my computer for pictures of the dining room -- i KNOW i've taken some, but this was the only one i could find!!!

if you look waaaaaaaaaaaaay over there--you can see the wall i'm talking about. it had the cow pictures on it.

here's what it looks like now!!!!

and i even replaced the 23 year old mini blind. the bottom was broken & it was driving me crazy. plus i was tired of the "mini blind look."

not sure i like this, but i'm gonna try it out for awhile.

and i just couldn't get rid of the cow pictures, so they're now on the window seat where the "God's love is enough" sign used to sit!

i like the change.

but i'll bet it doesn't stay like this for another 23 years!!!!!!

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L.Wilson said...

nice! I'm glad you didnt get rid of the cow pictures.

Dana DeVolk said...

Love the sign and the message!
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