Wednesday, May 8, 2013

an article about ME in the wall street journal!!!!

i'm a marketing assistant for a financial advisor firm. but i have another title.

office mom.

i work with 11 guys & 1 girl. most of them are young enough to be my kids. that makes me the "office mom". 2 of them even call me "mom". and we're "due" to have 6 more in the next couple months!!!! i'm the one they come to when they don't want to go to the "office dad" (our boss!)! i'm the one they come to for band-aids, aspirin, advice. they come to me with holes in their pants that they want fixed! ("can you fix this.....?") (said in a whiney childlike voice!) i've been known to provide raman noodles to "starving" boys. for his last birthday, i gave one of them "a month's worth of surprise dinners" -- a bag of canned goods with the labels removed!!!!!

one of "my boys" left this on my desk a few weeks ago.

i died laughing!!!!!
there was a whole article about ME in the wall street journal!!!!!

what's nice is, my daughter has an "office mom" at her job at DBU. she listens to her when she won't listen to me. it's the same with "my boys" -- they'll even admit it!!!

i just hope they remember that this weekend is mother's day.

wesley, jonathan......don't forget your moms!!!!

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