Monday, January 14, 2013

what else pallets can be used for

besides signs & maps........


specifically gates to prevent your daughter's puppy from eating your house!!!

(the metal gate in front of the pallets used to keep our old dog out of this part of the yard to prevent her from digging on the side of the house.)

the "puppy" (he's huge, but he's only 1 year old) was outside, i was in the dining room & heard a strange noise. since mother's know everything, i knew it was the dog eating the house!!! the window in my dining room juts out & makes a window seat. the house is brick everywhere except under this window -- stupid builders! i would have made it all brick. since it was nighttime & dark, i didn't go out to look til morning, but i laid in bed thinking of what to do to prevent GERONIMO from continuing to eat the house, or jump on the window & break it, or continue tearing the screen on the other window. in the morning i had the answer!!!


sure enough, he chewed a hunk out of the house along with some other little areas.

i had some pallets that were very rough pine & not real good for signs unless i wanted to do lots of sanding so i measured & they were perfect!!!!

hopefully this will keep him out.

he is big. he is strong. he is smart.
i is smarter!!!! (i love that movie "the help"!)

hopefully he won't jump over the top!!! (he didn't jump over the metal gate; it has been in a different place since the other dog left & this area was totally open.)

another home improvement $0.00 !!!


Laurie said...

what a little monster

Laurie said...

actually, big monster.

dorothy erdely said...

ha ha!! BIG STRONG monster is more like it!!!! but he really has a sweet side to him & even though he takes up all my time, he's been sorta fun to have around!!! (except for the "poop duty"!!! he's big & strong in that area too!!!!!!!! i hate pickin' poop!!!!)