Saturday, January 12, 2013

so much to do, so behind

i've gotten so behind on so many things. my blog has suffered. i've "written"
many posts in my head, but just haven't had the time or energy to get them onto the computer. sometimes that little voice in the back of my head says, "no one cares about your boring little life anyways, so why bother!" is that true? sometimes i think it is.

i need to get caught up though. jeepers - that means i have to go all the way back to my birthday in december! i got the neatest card from my friend laurie!!!!! it's a one of a kind "laurie original" especially for me!!!

is that just not the cutest card ever?? well, i think so!!!

my friend joyce gave me a pitcher from marshall pottery. her son goes to ETBU in marshall & when he 1st went there, i told her about marshall pottery. now it's her most favorite place to shop!!! and she shops for me there too!!!!!

another friend, who shall remain nameless, gave me these "red-neck wineglasses"!!!! i've been wanting to make some forever, but never did. and now i don't need to!!! Unless i want to have a party, that is!!!!

people must think i drink a lot! (i don't!!!) one of the guys at work gave me these "red-neck champaigne glasses"!!!! so i guess i CAN have a party!!!!

two ladies from church that i have been getting together with on tuesdays to stamp & the ladies from our church stamping group gave me a huge set of watercolor pencils!!!! i decorated this cute little can to keep them in.

then there was Christmas!

i prayed for pallets to make christmas presents with, & God provided!!

i made this sign for our family gift exchange game at grandma & pa pa's. grandma won it. well, actually, she stole it from grant!!!!

i made this sign for joyce. it's her favorite saying....."i came. i saw. i napped."

i made these for 6 friends.....didn't use pallet wood - it just didn't look right. i used fenceboards that i got from my neighbor across the street!

this is super long, so i'll show you the rest of the "pallet christmas" in my next post.

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Laurie said...

Wow, you got some cool stuff for your birthday! Lovin' those redneck wine glasses and the plastic topped ones are so funny! Still giggling over here.