Sunday, January 13, 2013

a pallet christmas, part 2

i sent my friend laurie an email asking for the following info:
favorite song, favorite hymn, favorite #, favorite saying, favorite bible verse, and a bunch of other favorites. didn't tell her what i needed the info for.

i took her answers & combined them to make one of those "subway signs" that are so popular nowadays. it turned out so cute! it's a good thing these aren't MY favorite sayings, etc. or i would have kept it!!!

my daughter likes maps. i saw a catalog where they took a world map & glued it to some old boards & were asking $200.00 for it!! she already has a world map, so i took a pallet & an old texas map & made one for $0.00!!! (& mine's bigger than theirs & better cuz it's TEXAS!!!)

and she likes it!!!
and the nice thing is, she left it here rather than take it to school, so i get to enjoy it for a little while!!! i'm gonna re-decorate her room; the map just might be her headboard!!

i also made her a necklace hanger with old wood & doorknobs....

and a dry-erase memo board with a 7-picture picture frame & scrapbook paper....

next post i'll show you what ELSE pallets can be used for besides signs & maps!!

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