Saturday, December 8, 2012

december 2012 ---- temps in the high 80's

today's the 8th of december & we've been having temps in the high 80's here this year!!! (and not enough rain, by the way!)

my grass is still green. i really should mow it!

i even layed out in the backyard last sunday afternoon!! i kept wondering how warm the water was.

my flowers are confused!! i've got blackeyed-susans! and bluebonnet!!!
the bluebonnets should be beginning to sprout about now, but they've been growing for quite some time already. they seem to love to grow in the crack between the house & the patio! it's already getting hard to open the backdoor!!!! i even have them growing in the cracks in my driveway!!!! crazy plants!!!!
in fact, one of the plants has BUDS!!!!!!!
(oops! forgot to watermark that photo!!! oh well, too late!!!)

will i be having BLUEBONNETS FOR CHRISTMAS?????!!!!!!
i think so!!!!

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