Friday, December 14, 2012

a manly birthday card

a man with a circular saw is having a birthday in a few days, so i made him a birthday card.

i had seen a card with wrenches on it on someone's blog or on pinterest (sorry, i don't remember who the original maker was - if you do, let me know so i can give her credit) & i knew THAT was the card i wanted to make for him. i didn't have the right stuff to make the silver background like this person did, so i used the wrench idea & made the rest of the card my own. here's hers:
hers is nice, but mine is definitely "me"-- chickenwire, wood, rusty/rustic! the inside's grungy, rustic "me" too---
it's another of those "i wanna keep it" cards!!! if he throws it away, i'm gonna dig it out of his trash!!!!


nbprov32 said...

Dear AMWACS, please read the blog and know that you need to keep this card FOR-EV-ER! Cardstock $2, specialty punches $40, to have a dorothy original..... priceless!!!

Laurie said...

Cute card idea!

Laurie said...

such a cute card idea, love it