Thursday, December 20, 2012

back to work

yesterday i went back to work after being off for 6 days straight! it was a hard day, but i was so busy that it flew by & i had enough to keep me busy all day today too!!! then i have a 1/2 day friday & then a 4 day christmas weekend. i work with 8 guys & 1 girl in my division & then there are another 3 that i do stuff for when i'm not busy & they need me. my "guys" are so good - i love each one of them & have even adopted one of them - he calls me "mom". his mom lives in floresville & it takes both of us to keep him in line!! he came in my office this morning, didn't say a word & gave me a big bear hug then he said "you can't ever, ever go on vacation again!"

it's nice to be missed & needed.

my guys decided to give me a gift card for christmas. one of them had suggested a spa gift card. another of the guys said, "she's not a 'spa-girl type', she's more of a 'lowe's girl'" and he called me to confirm if i'd rather have a spa gift card or a hardware store gift card! he was right!!! i said, "jacob, you know me so well!!" so today i was given a lowe's gift card AND a hobby lobby gift card!!!!
i've had my eye on a reciprocating saw -- i've been borrowing a friend's, but i think it's time i had my own!!! i've also been thinking about my own set of wrenches! i wish hobby lobby carried tools!!!!! (well, they do, just a different kind of tools!!!)

i love my guys! they make having to go to work worth it! the best part of the gift was the card --- the stuff they wrote was so sweet & really made me feel honored to work with them!
it's nice to be loved & appreciated.

and i love & appreciate each one of them ---- i'm getting 3 more guys in the next couple months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i think 2 of them are going to need a mom!!!!


Stacey said...

Happy for you, Dorothy! That sounds like a great place to work. Enjoy using those gift cards. Merry Christmas!!

nbprov32 said...

yes, a LOWE's card should beat out any 'spa' card for you! lol

Laurie said...

How sweet! Yippee for you!