Saturday, November 19, 2011

my ugly walls!

i had glorious plans to plaster the walls in the kitchen this past week.  but i got sick saturday afternoon & was in bed from saturday night til wednesday.  went to the dr. on monday & i had/have bronchitis!  went back yesterday & now i get to take cough medicine with drugs in it!!!!! kitchen looks like this.............

 the yucky pantry door!!!  and i haven't even swept the wallpaper dust up off the floor yet!!!!!  you'd think that'd be driving me crazy!!!  and it would, if i weren't sick!!!  i guess when you're sick, you just don't care!!!   i'm still trying to decide what i want to do with this door.  i'm thinking about painting it with chalkboard paint & having this be the memo/reminder area rather than putting the memo board back on the cabinet door.
and i think i'd put a little chalk tray/rail on it or else there'd be chalk dust all over the floor and THAT WOULD BUG me!!!!!!!

so many decisions!!!!!!

there's a peek at the cabinets with the knobs....i decided to put the old ones back on.  the white ones from my friend were just too stark.

i wanted to have the walls done by the time suzanne came home for thanksgiving. 

i'm not so sure that's gonna happen!

and i'm still debating if i should paint the walls white or take the white paint i have back to lowe's & have them color it - but i don't know what color!!!  in my head i've got chocolate (like suzanne's bathroom, the color is "taupe" though, but it looks chocolate) or gray.   tell me your thoughts!!!!!!

a long time ago when i painted the bathroom cabinets, i said i wouldn't show pictures til i put the knobs on.  well,  i finally got the knobs on!!!!  i'll post those pictures tomorrow!!

have a blessed night - & go to church tomorrow!!!!  it's potluck sunday @ CBC!!!!!!
i love this bush - i wish it was inside so i could see it all the time!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Finally had a moment to catch up on your blogging.... i LOVE your creative and friendly chatty voice. Can't comment on all but will say your bluebonnets should be awesome--we are to have a mild winter according to one weather guesser and you can grow a smaller plant (what is that red fuzzy thing called??) for inside :-) guess who